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Escort in Hamburg

Thanks to “Charisma Escort” a special experience

To be seen historically, on their own travelling gentlemen are no longer closer to their desire for temporary escort than in Hamburg. Since its foundation in the 12th century, the hanseatic town has been a major centre of transshipment for goods from all over the world – often including lonely hearts. But while landing dealers and sailors of earlier epochs still had to look for companions by themselves, having today’s guests of the city completely different possibilities. During your stays in Hamburg you can benefit by an escort of a special kind: the company of a lady of the Escort-Service “Charisma Escort”.

Why should you make a choice for our escort agency Charisma Escort in Hamburg?

Customers with a variety of reasons and motives are looking for an exclusive escort agency, such as Charisma Escort in Hamburg. First and foremost, the customer desires an escort lady who is pleasing him in public or private surroundings. The modalities, whether it is a pure accompaniment to an event, or a meeting with intimate contact, is already fixed at the time of booking. In both cases, however, the most important prerequisite is a basis of trust, which is the first priority at Charisma Escort Hamburg, as an exclusive escort service. Certainly the offer in the section of escortservice is wide, but not every escort agency proves to be as serious as a paying customer is due to. Our Hamburg escort service has already realized and experienced in the 10 years of its existence in the escort area, which ultimately emphasizes our seriousness in contrast to others. Because not every escort agency can also show what an escort girl states according to a sedcard on the website. Shameful, but still the reality, for the simple reason that the appreciation of a customer are trampled on.

Convincing at first glance

In which way you must understand the name of our company word-for-word, may be seen from a single glance at the profiles of the ladies of “Charisma Escort”. They almost have an effect as if Hamburg’s most interesting women had come together for an extra-organized photo shooting. But this impression deceives, because the pictures do not show a random number oft beauties – but carefully selected ladies. All the ladies represented in the register of the “Charisma Escortservice Hamburg” are convincing in addition to their good appearance by a number of other assets. They are as educated as they are charming and show their efforts on reliability, discretion and trustworthiness which you can expect from a high class escort service in Hamburg.

Service in all possibilities

With these mentioned qualities our agency guarantees you the matching companions literally in any situation. Whether, if you want with “Charisma Escort” to keep a business appointment in Hamburg, if our ladies are accompanying you when you are going to visit a cultural event, or you just want to meet our charismatic ladies privately: We do not only take care of a discrete imparting, but are supporting you to find a suitable escort too. Depending on the requirements of “Charisma Escort” Hamburg for the planned activity of the ladies, we are finding the suitable partner for you anyway.

Escorts for official appearances

At official appointments such as company events, business-lunches or trade shows, you are not only able to select the personal appearance of your escorts, but you are able to ask for certain skills or abilities too. Even though that most of the ladies of “Charisma” -Escort Service are living in Hamburg, do they come from different nations and having the appropriate language skills. So you are with our ladies in a perfect match at international business meetings. Furthermore, many ladies, who are in cooperation with “Charisma”, having a special, extensive knowledge to convince anybody as conservation partners, even marginally on symposia or congresses.

Private Sightseeing

In any case our ladies do not only understand the officially directed Escort. Also, they do offer you the service to get to know Hamburg in a completely private frame. Do explore the tourist features of the Hanseatic city in an exclusive guided tour by a locale arm candy, who can entertain you with circulating anecdotes. The highly cultured ladies of “Charisma Escort” do know Hamburg like their own pockets. Therefore, they are able to tell its own stories nearly about any building or place of interest. The most interesting stations of such a private guided tour, of course, are the former storage buildings and the world-famous harbour. But the southern riverbanks of the Elbe and the vineyards at Stintfang are destinations worth to be seen, too. At those two spots it is possible to enjoy very special views of Hamburg in accompaniment of “Charisma Escort”.

Enjoying culture as a couple

If you are interested in completing your sightseeing by visiting cultural facilities or events, we are happy to assist you, too. On the one hand, we are able to suggest you appropriate entertainment in Hamburg, then again, the Escort-Ladies are here to your disposal as well. Due to their good educational background as their discreet appearance, our ladies are the perfect match for the opera, theatre or an evening at a concert; as well as entertaining you at a cinema, a museum or a gallery.
Besides a visit at the “Chocoversum” or the “Spicy’s Gewürzmuseum”, we recommend an Escort to the “Hamburg Dungeon”. Here you will get, in the truest sense of the word, an illustrative lesson on historical events in the Free Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

Not being alone at night

Perhaps you already got closer while mutually making yourselves flesh creeps in Hamburg’s rooms of history? Or do you want to wait until after the famous nightcap in one of the many scene pubs? But maybe you don’t know that an Escort excursion can be ending erotically? That’s why you should use the constant readiness of our ladies for relaxing hours after an eventful day. How far you and your companion of “Charisma” go, are at your own discretion. Although this service is not excluded, there is no obligation on the part of our ladies to provide them. As like any other stylish Escort, in Hamburg will the decision be winning by affection, erotic attraction and personal readiness – as well by you as by your companion.

Special ladies, for special desires

If you agree that the accompaniment should enrich your stay in Hamburg through our escort, it is advisable to respect the applicable rules. The ladies of our agency are available to you for the duration of the time which you agreed before, and do set the happening by themselves. If you have detailed ideas regarding the sexual services through “Charisma Escort”, please let us know before your arrival in Hamburg. Our versatile talented ladies will fulfil a lot, but not all desires. However, some of them are particularly specialized in erotic matters, so we can provide you with the right partner, even extraordinary needs.

What experiences are not desired respectively desired by customers?

Every customer who engage the services of an escort lady wants to distance himself, in one way or another, from his professional life and therefore seeks for relaxation. All the more frustrating, for example, if the chosen escort lady, as she is a person in front of the customer, is not identical to the photo and the details of the website, since so-called fakes provide the majority of the website. An incident for a customer who will contact another hostess service in Hamburg next time. These or similar examples may helping an escort service to many new customers at the beginning, but just only till that point where all the references have a negative aspect. On the other hand, an exclusive escort service, such as Charisma Escort Hamburg, stands for the satisfaction of its customers with a high standard of work, services and above all with selected, real escort ladies. Only satisfied customers form the basis for a popular escort service, which can offer a solid customer base in addition to positive references.

What distinguishes Charisma Escort Hamburg from the customer’s opinion?

First and foremost, our escort ladies are chosen for appearance, level of education, behaviour, dealing with others as well as honesty, trustworthiness and reliability. As a result, our escort agency is happy to work with female students and female employees, who have enough free time to attend to our customers and their wishes. Moreover, these young women are convinced of their actions wholeheartedly. Especially since we expect this honesty not only from our escort ladies, but also as an agency team. As our business philosophy forms the basis for a high-class business service, Charisma Escort sees it as an obligation to maintain discretion and anonymity. This applies to both our clients and the entire agency, established by the escort ladies and employees.

However, not only the amenities offered by our escort service, but also our excellent customer service, make it easy for our customers to opt for Charisma Escort Hamburg. Because it is a great concern for us to keep our customers always up-to-date with newsletter and member login, or to support them with “tips and hints”. An additional, good reason why we have expanded our method of payment by credit card payment so that customers can make a booking through our escort agency anywhere in the world.

All our efforts clearly show that we consciously deal with the wishes and imaginations of our customers, so that each individual customer can realize his secret longings. Since our exquisite escort ladies not alone fulfil our wide-ranging service, but also the entire agency team, who can help a customer with words and deeds even by telephone. This performance spectrum of Charisma Escort does not only include Escort Hamburg, but also applies to our locations in Berlin, Bremen and Hanover, which also includes support for our customers throughout Germany.